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I'm from Plymouth. Currently living in Vienna. (temporary!) Study at Kent University. A life long Plymouth Argyle supporter but an avid fan of the Premier League. I live my life around football and nothing else. Tom

Europa League: Benefit Or A Burden For Liverpool?

With Birmingham City already securing one of the Europa League places and another going to either Bolton Wanderers or Stoke City, finishing 5th place...

Chelsea’s Number 9: Nine Games, 0 Goals. Why isn’t Torres scoring?

Fernando Torres has now gone nine Chelsea appearances without scoring a single goal. He has appeared three times in the Champions League and made...

Have Arsenal and Chelsea gifted the title to Manchester United?

After another weekend of unexpected results it would appear that the front-runners have shifted yet again. With respect to the teams that Manchester United, Chelsea,...

A Word On Football Wages

As tens of thousands of demonstrators descended onto the streets of London to protest the proposed spending cuts, football continues to live on in...