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I am a football writer and blogger who looks at the commercial aspects of the game today both at grass roots and full blown professional aspects. I report on one game per week, taking time to research the club, talk to supporters and key personnel before writing my reports and publishing them on my blog. I recently wrote the book Passport To Football which was published in October 2009 which covers 30 "adventures" around the world watching the game. I am currently working on a new book (my 7th) which will be published in September 2010 about what it is like to follow a non-league team in England.

West Ham players should be ashamed of themselves

Spineless, gutless, embarrassing, unprofessional. Four words I could use to describe the appalling performance by West Ham against Liverpool at Anfield last night.  As...

The richest show in town

What is the most you have ever paid for a ticket for football? An official one, mind, not one from a tout. £40? Certainly...

AIKy breaky heart

Swedish football is an enigma to me.  Every year a new team tends to dominate - if you look at the Allsvenskan winners in...

Football’s guilty pleasures

Danny Last, from the blog European Football Weekends talks about his footballing guilty pleasures. A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite...

Give us back our Orange Ball!

Stuart Fuller, from the Blog The Ball is Round tries to find out where the orange ball has gone. In the first week of February...

Is this the future for Shirt Sponsorship?

Stuart Fuller from the blog The Ball is Round comments on the latest English Sponsorship fad. We love the whole shirt sponsorship deal.  We are...

Do you come from a land Down Under? Er Yes I do!

"England's moment of strewth against Australia was hard to swallow, but there were some positives to be had amid the rubble of the Upton...

Surely it’s a wind up?

The latest fashionable place to be seen as a football club is in court facing a winding up order. Virtually all of these relate to debts owned to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs - i.e unpaid tax.

Back in the days when Kevin Keegan ruled the world

Stuart Fuller, from the blog The Ball is Round goes back to the end of the 1970's for an international at Wembley Stadium. I am...

The worst supported league in Europe?

Currently there are 53 countries affiliated to UEFA.  These are countries who are allowed to play in tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup...

The Top 15 Leagues in Europe

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...Who is the fairest of them all?  Well in terms of football in Europe it comes as no surprise that...

Football in 1979

I am a difficult person to buy things for at Christmas.  And to make matters worse my birthday is just 12 days later.  But...