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Rob is a journalist and blogger currently based in Madrid. He is the former deputy editor of Who Ate All The Pies and is now the editor of his own football blog, Off The Post.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 shop opens in Lisbon

What is it about Manchester United number 7's and the urge to own a fashion empire? And we don't mean Eric Cantona! Cristiano Ronaldo's...

How will history remember Emile Heskey the England striker?

Emile William Ivanhoe Heskey has always been something of an enigma and that doesn't seem to change with age. The Wigan man is a...

Sir Alex Ferguson gets a fright from a balloon

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson shows he has a sensitive side (we couldn't believe it either). He gets a right old fright when...

David Beckham is suspended – won’t somebody please think of the people of Houston?

David Beckham's yellow card against Columbus Crew last weekend meant that the former England skipper picked up an obligatory suspension. Normally this would be...

Wayne Rooney’s drastic new haircut

It probably had not escaped your attention that 22-year-old Wayne Rooney was fast-developing the hairline of a man twice his age. Rather than spend...

Liverpool’s Pepe Reina – worth his weight in beer?

The Spain national football team's sponsor, lager Cruzcampo, promised every member of the squad their weight in beer if they made it past the...

Who is the right man for England’s right flank?

Aside from the Gerrard/Lampard debate, England's traditional selection problem has been who to play on the left-wing due to a dearth of decent candidates....

One of the Cockney Mafia Out: Tony Jimenez leaves Newcastle

One of Newcastle's so-called Cockney Mafia has left the club. Vice-president (player recruitment) Tony Jimenez has left the club "to pursue other interests". A statement...

Proof that eight months is a long time in football

This headline from the Telegraph's website proclaims that: "Juande Ramos has restored Tottenham's pride." It only goes to show how quickly things can turnaround...

Rio Ferdinand sticks it to Sepp Blatter

Finally, someone outside the media prepared to give Sepp Blatter a piece of his mind! For while FIFA's president is notoriously happy to spout...

Rangers fan’s house gets ‘Hoopy Birthday’ Celtic makeover

A Rangers fan returned from a birthday weekend away to find his house, garden and even wheelie bin had been painted in green-and-white hoops...

The Eternal Question: Lampard and/or Gerrard?

With enforced absences making their meetings in the England some what fleeting of late, the Steven Gerrard/Frank Lampard debate has reared its ugly head...