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Cruyff is my favourite football player of all time. Gerard Pique is my favourite current footballer, I also like Sergio Busquets. Im a staunch advocate of a three-man back line. Favourite manager is Josep Guardiola. Player to watch for the future - Thomas Muller

Let us dismantle the rumour mill?

Imagine an article which included the following, ‘There’s a chance that Justin Timberlake might include a song about his love for tennis in a...

Where will your centre-back be next season?

This article is not a slight on the perceived fickle nature of today’s players. I do not seek to address where defenders will be in terms of transfers next year, but where on the pitch.

05 out of Five – Top marks for Thomas Tuchel

Let’s remind ourselves of the roller coaster ride that the fans of 1. FSV Mainz 05 have been on during the summer of 2009....

The Real Problem

So a new President and around 250 million pounds later, Real Madrid find themselves in exactly the same position as they were at the...

Should we kill off the Europa League?

With the UEFA Europa League set to continue this Thursday, do the teams competing really offer the right ingredients to be worth watching?