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An Arsenal supporter my whole life and a five year season ticket holder for Highbury untill I moved to South Africa.

The Arsenal board are blind idiots

Its the boards fault that Arsenal are stuck in a power struggle. They should have known that with all the foreign investors lining up...

Reyes can still be great for Arsenal

A spell at Arsenal without Henry at the club could very well convince Reyes to give it another go. Now before everybody starts bleating...

Selling Henry will help Arsenal be a better team

There was a time, 2 years ago and more, when the thought of Henry leaving Arsenal had me in a cold sweat. He was...

Hill-Wood should learn to shut up!!

Since all the takeover news broke with Kroenke buying up Arsenal's shares I have kind of not really worried too much about the whole...

Arsenal fan: Mourinho’s arrogance cost Chelsea their title

Take a moment to smile at the arrogance of Jose Mourinho and that little twerp Ashley Cole. 2 Years ago they decided to go...

Should Arsenal fans care about Gallas?

There is no doubt that William Gallas happens to be one of the finest defenders in the world today. He brings versatility to Arsenal...

Arsenal – David Dein will be back!

I found it a little curious when Hill Wood spoke so passionately about the refusal of the major shareholders to sell across the Atlantic....

Reyes and Cesc: a tale of two Spaniards

One thing that stands out in football players is the mental strength it takes to play this beautiful game. Ability it seems is nothing...