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Right, where to start? My name is Neil Jones, I'm 23 years old and from Liverpool- therefore I'm a Liverpool F.C. supporter. I have been writing football related bits and bobs for as long as I can remember. It was a massive ambition of mine right the way through school to be a sports writer, until the smell of money distracted me from University at 18! But now I'm determined to give it another go, starting from now! I guess I find it easy to write about something I seem to spend most my life talking/thinking/reading about, and have an awful lot of passion for. Hope you enjoy reading my pieces, and don't be afraid to cut me down if you disagree with my opinions. After all, that's what football is all about isn't it?

Retro – Not always the “In” thing

Fashion writers like to think that they have their fingers on the ever-changing pulse of the British nation, that they are armed with an...

Fantasy Football Week 1: Fabregas is King

As it came, so it went. The opening week of action in the 09/10 Barclays Premier League is already down the road, the seemingly...

Arsenal start the season in style, Everton in shambles

Come on, admit it. That was pretty good wasn’t it? The Premier League has its knockers, and rightly so in a lot of instances,...

Luck deserts Celtic as Arsenal seize control

This morning, Tony Mowbray looked out of his window, saw the clouds and the threat of rain, and though “a bit of rain will...

Ready for Kick-off: Premier League Fantasy Football 09/10

Who will play more, Lee Cattermole or Anderson? Not usually a question that truly matters in the wide context of Premier League football, but...

Revealed- the new stars of Ligue Un

With Lyon finally knocked off their lofty perch by Laurent Blanc’s fantastically well drilled Bordeaux side last season, there is a feeling that this...

Premier League Fantasy Football Game

If the Premier League was an ice cream, it would lick itself. That's a fact. The money swishing around the self-proclaimed "Greatest League on...

Do you remember when Newcastle were still good?

It has been easy to laugh at Newcastle United in recent months, not that it makes it right of course. From Kevin Keegan’s typically...

Five Reasons why Football is better than Formula One

Where I come from, there tends to be two kinds of boys. Car boys and football boys. You can like both of course, but...

The 10 Hottest Serie A Transfers

Once upon a time, Italian football was the centre of the universe. As recently as the turn of the decade, Serie A was the...

10 Reasons why Football is better than Cricket

You might not know it as you zip up your coat to brave the rain and the wind, but summer is here in England....

Revealed- The 10 newboys set to light up the Bundesliga

It will be hard for the Bundesliga to live up to expectations following last season’s dramatic, and truly eventful, feast. But already the biggest...