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Wycombe Wanderers supporter and reader of nerdy football books. Would quite like it if Tony Benn became Prime Minister.

Tactics: Tottenham v QPR

Tottenham continued their fine start to the 2011/12 season with a 3-1 win against QPR at White Hart Lane. Spurs took to the field with...

Football Fashion?

Fashion matters more to football than the average supporter might care to acknowledge. Most spectators aren’t overly concerned about their personal aesthetic at 3pm...

Better candidates than Beckham for Olympic captaincy

Understandably, European nations often decline to participate in Olympic football competition. The alignment of their respective four year rotations means that UEFA’s European Championships...

Should Footballers Be Allowed To Chew Gum On The Pitch?

At first glance it seems it could not possibly be true. A repeat viewing of the BBC’s Match of the Day programme, however,...

Away To The Orient: Amateur Football In China

Deprivation from football is a terrible thing. A summer without an international tournament represents a painful period of sobriety for most fans. Even the...