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Matthew Wood is a freelance sportswriter and blogger specialising in football and cricket; more of his commentary and analysis can be found at http://balancedsports.blogspot.com or you can follow him on Twitter @balanced_sports.

Should QPR, Norwich and Swansea be spending more or less?

When writing a piece for the Montreal Gazette concerning how much each promoted side had paid to assemble their roster, it was interesting to...

Klinsmann in, Bradley out as US National Coach

In a coup d'état so swift it could represent the final guillotine strike in a pepole's revolution, Bob Bradley has been replaced as manager...

Mario Balotelli: Where’s the fun?

I'm sure your mum said, like mine, that a joke's only funny when everyone's laughing. In forgetting Mum's golden rule, Mario Balotelli has...

Kill, Marry or Shag: The Liverpool Midfield

Have you every played the game "Kill, marry or shag"? In it, one player gives his or her opponent three names - it...

A-League: It’s all about Harry Kewell

Harry Kewell. A show-pony. A drama queen. The best football player to come out of Australia. Just the mention of his name prompts the football fan...

An Apology for Carlos Tevez

An apologetic ... for Carlos Tevez? Just days after a scathing open letter? The same guy writing both? I guess stranger things have happened...

Scoring Stats – The true value of Ronaldo and Messi

Everyone knows Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are way ahead of the curve. Here we look at just how far they're in front of everyone else.

An Open Letter to Carlos Tevez

Dear Carlos Tevez, For five years now you've been a shedload of trouble for the entire English Premier League. With this letter, I'd like...

Scoring Stats – Europe’s key forwards

Which players contributed most to their team's success (or lack thereof) in season 2010-2011?

Europe’s top shot-stoppers – are Cech and Casillas slipping?

An investigation into Europe's goalkeeping stats comes up with some early signs of slippage for a couple of champions.

Jack Warner “hung out to dry”, resigns from FIFA

FIFA Vice President and President of the CONCACAF Jack Warner has resigned stating he's tired of being FIFA's fall-guy. This time, that reputation is earned.

European Goalkeeping Trends – by the numbers

101 goalkeepers made over ten starts in Europe's four major leagues during season 2010-12. Another fifty-six made at least one start in either...