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I am a 22 year old Newspaper Journalism student and live in Bude, Cornwall. I support Arsenal F.C and want to write someday in a professional capacity about football. Any help or advice will be much appreciated with regards to an article or otherwise.

I’m a former professional footballer who is now dragging my good name and the...

For a long time now I've been disillusioned by the overt and glittery presentation of our beautiful game on the nations TV channels. From...

What would it take for you to leave your dream club?

The majority of us have one. A personal vendetta with a man you've never met. A man who could not have done much worse...

Football kits and a lack of club identity

A club's colours and kit are a fundamental part of their tradition and heritage; indeed many would recognise a team because of their...

Top 5 Free-Kicks in Premier League History

Manchester United returned to the Premiership summit midweek with a comfortable 2 — 0 victory over Harry Redknapp's Pompey side. Whilst many would argue...

How can Wenger improve Arsenal?

Mid transfer window, what could/should your team do to improve? Already we are over midway through the January transfer market and despite this being the...