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I am a student in the United States, but growing up in Malaysia immersed me into the culture that is football. I am a avid Juventus supporter, but in the summer they got sent down to Serie B, I had to find another club out there to support and watch in the year until they came back up to Serie A. So obviously, I couldn't pick another Serie A team. So, I turned to the one league that I'd watched ever since I was a child and began watching random games and by a couple of weeks, I'd found myself beginning to feel the rush of one teams wins and the sinking feeling every time they lost. I had become a Geordie. So now, as a student in a country where their national pastimes involve them playing cricket with gloves, rugby with pads and a game where the object is to get the orange ball into the hoop (it can't be that difficult if each team can get it in about 50 times a game); I am in the minority. But that doesn't phase me, I still love the game more than life and I'm even trying to make it more popular here. Cheers, Kev

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