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I'm a 20 year old Spurs fan who dreams of chocolate, Spurs success and Dobby from Peep Show. I blog about football, Asperger's Syndrome and whatever else is requested of me.

Raheem Sterling’s Selection For England Is A Positive Step

On Monday came news that Raheem Sterling, Jake Livermore and Adam Lallana had been called into the England squad ahead of Tuesday night’s encounter...

Transfer Deadline Day Will Be As Exciting As Ever

If there's anything that reflects what's good and bad about modern football, on and off the pitch, it's the last day of the transfer...

Andre Villas-Boas Is Getting The Support He Needs At Tottenham

Thomas Jefferson once said “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers”. There must...

Tottenham Need To Strengthen

Spurs 2-0 pre-season loss to Valencia on Thursday night is not a sign that Spurs should panic, but it did show the weaknesses currently...

Which Of The Promoted Sides Has The Best Chance Of Staying Up?

Last season’s promoted sides were a revelation. Swansea dazzled the league with an adherence to short passing football stronger than Elton John’s adherence to...

Chelsea Have Grounds For Optimism

Chelsea have had a summer almost as extraordinary as their amazing Champions League triumph in May. It’s been an extraordinary summer because they have...

The BBC’s Football Coverage Is Appalling

News broke yesterday of Lee Dixon’s departure from the BBC football punditry team. Now Dixon is by no means a great pundit. He wasn’t...

Optimism Is Sweeping Through Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham’s end to last season was thoroughly miserable. A horrible, mean-spirited, heartbreaking ending to a season that at times had promised so much. Think...

England Need To Rebuild

The response from fans and media to England’s defeat on penalties to Italy on Sunday night has largely been encouraging. No hounding of referees...

Is Andre-Villas Boas Right For Tottenham?

With several bookmakers having stopped taking bets and with the newspapers full of stories saying that Andre Villas-Boas is on the verge of becoming...

Is Spain Becoming A Parody Of Itself?

Spain are through to the Euro 2012 quarter-finals after a tense victory over a hard-working, skilful Croatia side on Monday night. Spain spent most...

Did Harry Redknapp Provoke His Own Departure?

Now Harry Redknapp has left Tottenham, and that all the weeks of rumour and innuendo in the press, contract negotiations conducted in public, backstabbing...