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Eddie is a full-time sports writer/blogger and football fanatic. Fell in love with football during World Cup 94 and hasn't looked back.

Will Rybolovlev’s Riches Reap Rewards for Revitalized Monaco?

While the future is filled with promise for AS Monaco now, this time a decade ago, it was very much up in the air....

Constructing the Perfect Football

It goes without saying, but the footballs of today are miles more advanced than those that were used in the early days of the...

History of Footballs

Given the very modest origins of the football, it's amazing to think about what a modern-day one can do. More often than not,...

Famous Football Families

Here’s a look at the most notable football family connections, past and present. Fathers and Sons The Ayews: Abedi Ayew, known more as Abedi...

2012 Fa Cup Final: Chelsea v Liverpool Talking Points

Manchester City and Stoke City are vying to make history on Saturday as they contest the 2011 FA Cup final at Wembley, having beaten more fancied rivals in Manchester United and Bolton Wanderers in the semifinals to get here.

Eco-Friendly Footballers

Contrary to popular belief, not all athletes have air or rocks for brains. In fact, there are quite a lot of athletes who...

10 Most Overpriced Footballers

There are many, especially those who don’t have very much of an interest in sport, who think that top athletes are overpaid to do...

10 Great Footballing Chokes

Everyone remembers the winners. Most know that Brazil have won a record five World Cups, that Real Madrid have won the European Cup/Champions...

7 Spectacular Non-Football Chokes

It isn’t often that you’ll see a team throw away a three-goal lead in the second half as Chelsea did earlier this season in...

No Ticket, No Problem: Stadiums Where You Can Watch Football for Free

If you’re a fan of a team in a reputable league, seeing your team in person likely doesn’t come cheap, at least in relation...

Football and Smoking: Past and Present

When you look at many of football’s top talents, both past and present, many of them were/are gifted athletes, blessed with natural gifts that...

Bayern Munich v. Real Madrid Preview: Can Bayern stun favored Real to book home...

It’s a rare sight to see Bayern Munich fail to win the Bundesliga title multiple seasons in a row, but that looks set to...