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Politics student at the University of Glasgow, likes to write on sport, politics and opinion (if anyone wants to listen).

Reviewing Sky’s 1st Weekend Coverage: New Season, New Tricks

So, the new Premiership season started this weekend (because I am writing this on Monday evening, it still hasn't finished yet - thanks "Monday...

Celtic didn’t want David James anyway

What do David James, Jimmy Bullard, Sol Campbell and George Boateng all have in common? Well. all have been close to joining Celtic this...

Review: Scottish teams in Europe

Not the best of weeks for Scottish teams in Europe. Then again, these days there aren't that many good weeks. Shall I get started...

Mark Hughes move to Fulham; possible mistake?

So, Mark Hughes has returned from his premature managerial wilderness to take over from Roy Hodgson at Fulham. If this career move had happened...

Is Raul’s departure symbolic of Mourinho’s arrival at Madrid?

The emotional scenes from the Bernabeu of Raul's departure would lead you to believe that the decision to leave, most likely to German club...

SC Braga vs Celtic: Champions League Preview

It is not really until about now that you realise how good or bad your team performed last season. Obviously you know where  they have finished in the league in May and you know the consequences of this (relegation, promotion, Europe etcetera).