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I am an avid Liverpool fan and have a fascination for the tactical levels of the game. My main interest is the premier league, although given more time I would like to see more of the other big leagues in europe. I'm the guy who tries to understand the odd descisions managers make, and I am going to try and change your outlook on the game. Try, being the word.

Javier Hernandez: Why he’s the joker in Ferguson’s pack

Fun Fact: Javier Hernandez is small. Okay fair enough, firstly that fact wasn't that much 'fun' and secondly he's not too small, standing at a...

To track or not to track? A Milan demonstration on stopping Tottenham at home

Fun fact: Tracking was extremely important to the pivotal champions league knockout round second leg between Tottenham and AC Milan. The Rossoneri went into the game very much the...

How a more defensive approach from Barcelona could lay Arsenal low

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Is it madness to alter the winning formation, or madness to not alter things against a side that will be no ordinary opposition at Camp Nou?

Reina, Liverpool and Fan Loyalty

Yesterday, an interview of Liverpool's talented goalkeeper Pepe Reina was published by Sid Lowe in the guardian, one in which Pepe couldn't be said...

The Evolution Of The ‘Target Man’

You won't believe what target men get up to these days...

Midfield tactics: The title winning potential of Man City’s midfield juggernaut

Mancini's destroyers have a few aces up their collective sleeves...

Pressing tactics: How half pressure caught Barcelona out against Arsenal

Why Arsenal didn't have to charge at Barcelona like Vikings to beat them.

Set-Piece Tactics: Direct Free Kick fun

Direct free kicks aren't the same as corners. A simple point, but important. For one thing, there is much less point being complicated when...

Post El Clasico: It’s wasn’t all about Barcelona being super

Follow the latest news and updates on El Clasico. "One team played very good, one team very bad. Deserved win, deserved loss. Humiliated? No....

Set-Piece Tactics: Thinking outside the (6 yard) box

'Why not create a Corner situation in which those players you have... can excel?'

Fullback Tactics: Out Wide Or In The Box?

Fullback's aren't all they are cracked up to be - at least, not at the moment.