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What does Beckham’s return mean for MLS and the Galaxy?

Former England captain David Beckham is due to return to Los Angeles Galaxy in July following a spell with AC Milan. Beckham's move to...

Five MLS players capable of succeeding in Europe

There are plenty of promising players in Major League Soccer, and many of proven quality too. Despite Europe's negative perception of the United States'...

McBride on Fire as Chicago top MLS East

The 14th Major League Soccer season has had something of a messy start. Of 74 matches played at the time of writing, 27 have...

In praise of Seattle Sounders

As FC Dallas fight for their life in an empty Pizza Hut Park and DC United swim frantically upstream in their search for a...

Beckham, Donovan and Angel: tales of loyalty and respect from Major League Soccer

Gary Andrews is still wading through the ocean of comments attracted by last week's MyFC column, so he asked me to step in this...

Football and technology: a marriage made in Hell or the inevitable truth?

We should've known. This season has been no different to any of the seasons before it. Sooner or later, the age-old football technology debate...

Football will eat itself: why traditional supporters could walk away from the Premier League

Despite the modernisation of the game and the soaring cost of attending, football is crawling with traditionalists. And why wouldn't it be? We're followers...

Uneasy Relations

Show me an Aston Villa fan keen to criticise owner Randy Lerner, and I'll show you a man desperate to be miserable. The improvements made...