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Cherie resides in the United States, in one of its major cities. She really loves soccer.

What’s in Dimitar Berbatov’s bag?

This reporter was surprised to turn around and find two of Manchester United’s most cherished players behind her as she chatted with a friendly...

Should The MLS Become More European?

When American soccer players discover they have the athletic prowess to play overseas, they go, and we encourage their choice. But when American soccer...

How can we help American youth training?

In part one, I looked at the differences between German and American youth training methods. In part two, I look at the different ways...

Youth Training – USA v Germany

Despite the fact that on any given weekend Americans drive through the suburbs and see lush green fields spattered with kids playing soccer, the...

World Sport Chicago International Cup

For the past week, Chicago has been peppered with pint-sized footballers from around the globe here to compete in the World Sport Chicago International...

Are MLS and the Fans Overreacting Over Cuauhtemoc Blanco’s ‘Pitch Rage?’

Within the last week, the roar around the Chicago Fire's Cuauhtemoc Blanco and D.C. United's Clyde Simms incident has swelled and is finally subsiding. For...

Fifa set aside £400m contigency fund for South Africa 2010

A few weeks ago, the U.S. economy was rocked with the downfall of $20 billion company Bear Stearns. Americans hear worrying news reports on...

It’s Beckham’s World: We All Just Live In It

Instead of churning out another David Beckham soccer academy, Goldenballs has decided to go bigger and better with the creation of David Beckham's World...

Legalizing Prostitution for World Cup 2010

Much has been made about the strength of South Africa's infrastructure to host a successful World Cup. To that end, South Africa is considering...

Does Having Two More Referees On The Pitch Beat Video Technology?

Fabio Capello recently offered compliments to England referees when he observed how infrequently they stop the game. Capello praised the match officials, stating: "The first...

G14 disbands as Platini records 2nd victory

The G-14 knew what they wanted all along, it just took eight years and the presumed dissolution of their organization to get it. Platini...

Alhassan Bangura stays in England, but is Sierra Leone that bad?

The football world breathed a sigh of relief Monday as the Home Office announced that 19-year old Watford midfielder Alhassan Bangura would be granted...