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The Wayne Rooney Incident- Is it Acceptable To Boo Your Team

After England’s lacklustre performance against Algeria the fans that had travelled thousands of miles to see their country play, elected to jeer the players...

World Cup Week One – What is the World Talking About?

The World Cup is underway and amid vuvuzela’s, goalkeeping mistakes and the choice of World Cup ball, there has been plenty to talk about during this tournament...

England Approaches World Cup Advertising Overload

As the World Cup gets nearer and the media attention reaches fever pitch, it is impossible in the UK to escape the media spotlight...

Poor Refereeing a Factor at Old Trafford – At Least Bad Decisions Favoured Neither...

There are very few times that I agree with the ramblings of the master of the dark media arts Alex Ferguson and his accomplices,...

Can Chelsea Turn Youth Investment Into First Team Success?

This week Chelsea U19’s defeated their Blackburn counterparts in the second leg of the FA Youth Cup Quarter Final, winning the game finished 4-0 (5-0 on aggregate), the...

Saving Football: A Proverbial Guide For New Football Owners

As football fights its financial henchman, there is a temptation to criticise the greed, naivety and incompetence that has engorged football for over a...

Wolves Punished by Hypocrisy For Squad Rotation Against Manchester United

It has been announced that Wolves have been handed a symbolic £25,000 suspended fine for breaching Premier League rule E20 against Manchester United at Old Trafford on the...

Notts County On the Brink – The Cost of Broken Promises

In July on this site I waxed lyrical about how the oldest league club in world languishing in the bottom division of the football league...

A Hassle-free World Cup: Ditch the Boss and The Girlfriend

The World Cup is now well and truly within our sights. Whilst the domestic and European action will take centre stage for a while...

Is this the end of the Golden Age of English Football?

As Manchester United’s rout of Wigan signalled the end of the 2009 and the start of a yet unnamed new decade, the signs on...

Women or Football – What comes first in your life?

Firstly I would like to explain the title, whilst this is a little inflammatory I am not here to discuss the merits of the Mike Newell School of sexual equality within the beautiful game but rather the unresolved conflict between two great loves of my life women and football. So I have been debating recently how involved your significant other should be with your relationship with the beautiful game.

Chelsea to Consider Joining the Stadium Naming Rights Surrender

This week saw the news that Chelsea have joined Newcastle United in openly stating that they are considering selling the naming rights to one of England's  most...

Happy Birthday Daniel, Fancy a Free Chlamydia test?

What Happened to the Traditional Scoreboard? Tonight I made the short trip from my house to watch Nottingham Forest v Blackburn in one of the...

Michael Shields Pardoned – Why This Has Nothing to do with Football

Today a four year legal battle that has dominated the national and international news has come to an end, Michael Shields has been pardoned by the British government following his conviction for attempted murder in a Bulgarian court. After serving time in both Bulgarian and British prisons Michael Shields will be freed in the coming days a thought that must have seemed a long way off following his conviction and 10 year sentence four years ago. In this article I do not want to re-examine the court cases, whatever events transpired that night or in the following years will be covered infinitum by better educated fellows than myself. I like to write about football and the greatest question in my mind is not was this an injustice, but what has this to do with football? Headline after headline links the crime and football that the accused supports almost implying that the two are directly related when breaking the news today the BBC used the headline ‘Pardon for Football fan Shields’. This headline is technically accurate however this crime was not committed at a football match, it was not committed in the aftermath of a match, nor was it committed in the name of football.

The Obsession with Youth: The Myth of ‘Zimmerframe’ Chelsea

A look at the claims that Chelsea FC have to many aging stars to compete for the title this season, using the same statistics used to condemn the team this article shows that with age comes experience. There is currently a stigma around players between the ages of 27 and 31 playing football at the highest level, these players are now to old and that a team full of such players is likely to struggle. As you may now have guessed I have decided to write address the lunacy regarding the use of age as a reason to discredit the current Chelsea team as contenders for the title this season.

Media and Cynics Biggest Winners in Terry Transfer Saga

The biggest ‘non-story’ of this season’s transfer window finally seems to be at an end, on the Chelsea Football Club official website today John...

Hope, Money and Sven – Tales From a Pre-Season Game Where the Result Mattered

The oldest league club in world languishing in the bottom division of the football league is taken over by a foreign consortium who hire...

What Can and Cannot be Gained From Pre-Season Friendlies

After a summer of discussion, controversy and the dominance of Manchester City and Real Madrid in the transfer market, club football has finally returned to our lives albeit in a non-competitive format. Obviously after the seemingly endless summer break it is great to see your team back in action. However how much can we really gleam from these games, can any meaningful analysis be made into the results, players or tactics employed? This article looks at what we can and cannot gain from pre-season friendlies:

Barry Signing Shows Solid Manchester City Development Strategy

When Manchester City were taken over last Autumn by foreign investors with pockets deeper than their oil wells, there was hysteria across the footballing...

Is the FA Cup Relevant to the Modern Game?

However in the build up to the final the question that lingers across the country from Stamford Bridge corridors and internet message boards remains: ‘How important is it for Chelsea to win the FA Cup and do we really care?’ This question reflects issues both inside the club and the general decline of the competition in the last ten years the competition has lost a lot of its prestige and in today’s global game it no longer seems to generate the interest and hype that it once did. This decline can be attributed to a number of interlinked factors revolving around the themes of Money, Globalisation or both a few of which I have explored in this article.

Are Chelsea Fans Just Bitter?

Chelsea are not popular in Europe there is little respect of a team that the snobbish upper echelons of football in both England and...

Arsenal beat Sunderland in Ladies FA Cup Final

This article refers to the Arsenal v Sunderland Ladies FA Cup Final. For the men's game, visit the most recent Arsenal v Sunderland match...

Premier League or Champions League? Which one is most coveted by the fans?

A balanced squad and its deployment is a delicate art and decisions made by managers are analysed for weeks or even months after the event. The rotation of players by managers begs the question of how important the different competitions teams compete in are? Is the Premier League still the most coveted competition in English football or has it been eclipsed by the Champions League? I believe that teams should play to win every game avoiding the fielding of absurdly weakened sides in certain competitions or situations but is this still applicable in today's global game where targeted success is vital to getting the keys to the revenue of a global audience? This article will look at the importance of competitions for the English clubs on both a domestic and international level.