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Moved to Perth, Western Australia, 7 years ago, originally from Dublin. A lifelong Man U fan born 1 month before the Munich Air Disaster. Used to make long pilgrimages to Old Trafford and follows the EPL religiously, despite the annoying time differences to Australia! Married, no kids, 1 cat. Manages an engineering company where nobody supports football!!

Footballers and Cars

“No other man-made device since the shields and lances of the ancient knights fulfills a man's ego like an automobile.” - Sir William

World Cup 2010……What A Load Of Balls!

So here we are....2 weeks and 48 games into South Africa 2010 and if I had to sum up the World Cup so far...

World Cup Preview Part 2: Going Dutch, Korean War and ‘The Hand of God’

Welcome back to my pre-post review of South Africa 2010. For those of you have just come in from the pub please refer to...

World Cup Preview Part 1: Rooney’s Metatarsal, Dunga’s Demise and French Revolution!

Now I can point to endless articles I have written on here that have been so on the money, in terms of their predictions/forecasts,...

Neville, Scholes and Giggs: Death By A Thousand Cuts

It is with some distain, if not total consternation, that I observe the clichéd comments of the media, rival fans, and (most of all)...

Liverpool Nightmare Ends In Title Dilemma

As a football fan, as opposed to a Man Utd fan, I have to confess to feeling some sympathy for the Liverpool faithful right...

Real Madrid Rejects poised for Champions League Glory

Like so many of you out there I’ve long since lost all respect for Real Madrid and how they conduct their affairs. The malaise...

Wenger and Arsenal: The Naked Truth

Cast your minds back to your childhood and most of you will remember that Hans Christian Anderson classic “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, a moral...

England’s World Cup Chances: The Class of 2010 v The Golden Generation

Whilst we are used to (endlessly irritated by?) the hype surrounding every build-up to an England World Cup campaign, it’s fair to say that...

England’s World Cup Chances: 23 into 11 Doesn’t Go

For the mathematicians out there you'll instantly recognise the numbers 11 and 23 as 'prime numbers', meaning of course that they are only divisible...

Manchester United v Leeds: Crossing the Great Divide

One of the greatest rivalries in English football is revived this weekend after several years in the wilderness, as a Leeds team, flying high...

Have Chelsea Got The Winter Blues?

"Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York" (Shakespeare- Richard III) Yes, I know a bit...