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Europa League: Portuguese Navigators Must Beware the Yellow Submarine

These are unchartered waters for Portuguese football. With the national economy in tatters (and crippling international loans looking ever more likely), its football clubs...

Real Madrid vs Tottenham: Why Caution Should Win the Day for Mourinho

Real Madrid vs Tottenham: Why Caution  Should  Win the Day for Mourinho Before reading this article, forget the stereotypes imposed on the respective sides. Forget...

Andre Villas Boas: The New Jose Mourinho?

The young coach has already cemented his place in Porto history with an unstoppable march towards the league title.

Chelsea vs Manchester United, What Might Just Happen in the Champions’ League First Leg

‘United are top of the table, but I tell you what, ‘ang on, Marcel, I tell you what, if they can get bodies in that United box and whip some balls into Drogba, Chelsea will fancy it tonight.’

Benfica 1-2 FC Porto: Benfica hand Porto Portuguese Title on a Plate

Porto will be celebrating their 25th Portuguese league title in the dark. So humiliating did the powers that be find their bitter rivals celebrating...

Manchester United vs Chelsea, Tottenham v Real Madrid and the Vitality of English Football

In less than two weeks’ time, two battle-weary formations will stare at one another across a field, the contrasting burdens of history and recent...