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My full name is Alexey Bogatiryov (go by Alex for your convenience). I was born in 1985 in Kiev, Soviet Union which is modern day Ukraine. Been a huge soccer fan ever since my Dad took me to watch Dinamo Kiev play Spartak Moscow in their first Champions League Match in 1994. Always had been fascinated with football history and continued to closely follow football since moving to the States in 1995 when my Father won a Greencard Lottery. Since then, I was disillusioned with the low quality of American soccer and spent a lot of time tracking down papers, magazines, and later webcasts and cable television to keep track of football. I have finished a BS in Finance at the University of Denver and hope to work in London someday so I can watch the Premier League live. My favorite player is my hometown hero Andrei Shevchenko and my favorite team is Chelsea, partially because they were historical underachievers but were able to pull themselves up and partially because I want to prove that Roman's money can buy success. Feel free to email me or add me as a friend on facebook. All criticism is appreciated!

From Ukraine with Blues – Why Shevchenko should remain at Chelsea

Shevchenko was given unfair treatment by Mourinho and the new Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti knows how to use Sheva properly and help him regain top-form.With the recent appointment of Carlo Ancelotti as the new Chelsea manager and the recent announcement that Shevchenko will be coming back to the Bridge now that his one-year loan deal with AC Milan has expired. While Shevchenko and many Chelsea fans are not optimistic about his future at the bridge, Sheva still has great potential to finish his career in style and justify the money that was spent on him. The following will be reviewed 1) Why Shevchnko did not live up to his potential at Chelsea 2) How Chelsea could have made better use of the Ukrainian international 3) Why Shevchenko deserves one more season as a Chelsea starter under Ancelotti.