Home News Aston Villa’s Agbonlahor has mercy on Newcastle’s Joey Barton

Aston Villa’s Agbonlahor has mercy on Newcastle’s Joey Barton



It really is a heart-warming story and in today’s world of tit for tat responses and ‘revenge-seeking’ behavior, it’s good to see a footballer stand up, be a man and learn to move on instead of fighting to defend his honour.

Last week Newcastle and Aston Villa met at St James’ Park, a match Newcastle won 2-0. One of the flashpoints from that game was a clash between Gabriel Agbonlahor and Joey Barton, with the cameras picking up the clash and a lot of attention focusing on what would happen to Barton if Villa made a complaint to the FA (who, typically, said they could not interfere unless someone made a complaint).

Agbonlahor refused, preferring instead to ‘get on with his life’:

“I don’t think it will just happen to me — I think a lot of people will get this treatment. At the time I wasn’t very happy but Barton has had enough publicity so I decided to leave it. The club told me they would back me but I decided that is the sort of player he is, so I thought I’d just leave it.

It happened and you try and forget about it — I am fine now. We’ll put the Newcastle game behind us now and move on.”

Well done mate, to be honest if Agbonlahor had filed a complaint Barton could have been looking at a fine at least, if not another suspension.

Maybe he should be send to an island full of violent monkeys (CT‘s idea, not mine), but then again, as long as he’s in the game, we should just ignore him and move on. If he decides to be decent, good for him, but if he’s going to be an arse and the FA / Newcastle do shit-all about it, the last thing we should be doing is to waste our breath over Barton’s antics.