Arsene Wenger is considering entering international management


Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has suggested that he is considering managing an international team.

Wenger stepped down as Arsenal manager at the end of last season after having managed the team for 22-years.

He has since been replaced by former PSG boss Unai Emery.

Wenger stepped down after growing pressure on him to vacate his former position after the Gunners struggled for consistency.

During the past two seasons, the Gunners failed to qualify for the Champions League.

Despite being 68-years-old, Wenger is keen as ever in terms of his passion towards the game and it would certainly not be surprising if he manages again.

He is also one of the most decorated and experienced tacticians around and he will not be short of offers should he want to enter management at international or club level.

However, whether he will attract interest from high-profile team’s in Europe and South America does remain to be seen.

During an interview with French source RTL, Wenger said: “Yes, I’ve had the opportunity numerous times to be France manager. I’m not sure if it was before or after Domenech,”

“Maybe both… I’ve always been more interested in the day-to-day aspect of management. I find it much more stimulating.

“It is a question I’ve been asking myself, if I should become a national team manager. A national team manager takes charge of ten games per year. In a club, you take charge of 60. My drug is the next match, so…”


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