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Arsenal/Wenger are misguided; there’s no conspiracy



Arsenal (Wenger, mostly) are really, really pissed at the linesman who said that Adebayour had punched someone.

A case of mistaken identity (Ade for Eboue) or just plain mistake, the fact is that the FA will not back down from Ade’s red card, especially after the scene Ade made when he got the card. For the FA, disrespect is just as good a reason as punching someone to get a red card.

Is the linesman lying? Mistaken, probably, because afterwards everyone saw the videos from different angles and could tell that Ade didn’t punch anyone (if you think he did, please link to the video in the comments). Wenger’s outburst is as regrettable as is the FA’s reaction, but can we please let this shit go? NO ONE is plotting against Arsenal, the whole conspiracy theory is a bit too much, methinks.

In my view blaming the FA and the refs and the linesmen with participating in a conspiracy against Arsenal (why does this ‘us vs them’ theme always come out of Arsenal?) is giving them far more credit than they deserve. The simple, and unfortunate answer, is stupidity.