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Arsenal News – Saviola and Fabregas



Saviola’s agent is saying that the player would most likely want to move to Arsenal, and that the decision would be made within this week.

Barcelona have already told Saviola that he should look for another club, and Saviola seems to have his heart set on England (considering that he would want to go to a big club, and not just any other club in Spain).

His agent Alfredo Cabrera has already confirmed interest from Arsenal and Bolton, although now it looks like Newcastle are in the hunt as well (come to think of it Newcastle are bound to linked to every striker who becomes available, so the link is not really a surprise).

Cabrera is in England to meet with the interested clubs and despite the fact that Newcastle may offer a better deal, the chance to play with Henry and at Arsenal will surely influence Saviola’s decision.

Fabregas – Arsenal or Real Madrid?

What was telling about the Fabregas interview a few days ago was that in it Fabregas never mentioned or clearly stated that he didn’t want to go to Madrid. His statements were repeatedly the same – that he likes playing at Arsenal, and that he is 100% an Arsenal player and as things stand he will report back to Arsenal when pre-season training begins.

The problem is, Fabregas has not denied any contact with Calderon (who has claimed that there has been a verbal agreement with Fabregas before he got elected) and while Arsenal have said he’s not for sale – if the player has said yes and if he says that he wants to go, what then?

Is Calderon lying? Well he brought Capello in, and he’s right when he says that Kaka wanted to join Madrid 3 months ago but didnt because of the coaching situation there. He’s also close to signing Robben, so that leaves Fabregas (arguably the toughest of the three transfers Calderon promised).

It’s tempting to compare the Fabregas case to Ronaldo, but in Ronaldo’s case he is not the first-choice winger Madrid are after. With Fabregas, he is the man Capello and Calderon want to build the midfield around. Rumours are that Baptista may go the other way in a player-plus-cash deal, although that will not be acceptable to either Arsenal or Arsenal fans.