Arsenal to hand Fabregas £100,000 / week contract?

Rumours suggest that Arsenal will be handing Cesc Fabregas a contract extension this summer as a recognition of his growing maturity and increased importance to the London club.

This begs two questions:

With several years already left on his Arsenal contract, why not leave this for next season and use that money to find reinforcements for the Arsenal squad?

Doesn’t this imply that if it weren’t for the money, Fab’s agent would have whisked him off to Spain (the same’s true for any top young talent, unfortunately)?

For what it’s worth, I think Arsenal should pay Fab whatever he wants, as long as he improves season on season and grows into the leader fans expect him to be. He’s done well so far but a) there’s a long way to go for him to fulfill his potential and b) Arsenal need to provide support in the form of experienced, quality players.

Otherwise that 100k / week isn’t going to win them the title.

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