Arsenal – David Dein will be back!

I found it a little curious when Hill Wood spoke so passionately about the refusal of the major shareholders to sell across the Atlantic. It wasn’t his words that raised the eyebrow but rather his lack of mention of David Dein who is also a major shareholder.

Dein has been without a doubt the most influential player in Arsenals recent success, so what did he have to say? This morning’s breaking news about DD leaving the club tells me one thing. He supports the take over bid and is willing to sell his own shares to make it happen.

DD has spent quite a bit of time in America recently and following his 3 hour meeting with Wenger after the City game tells me two things. Dein has made a deal with Kroenke to offload his shares and has most likely been told that once the take over has been completed he will once again be put in charge of running the club.

I wouldn’t be surprised if his meeting with Wenger was to reassure him of what was about to happen in the few days to come. Dein would quit, sell his shares and then once the takeover has been completed would be reinstated in the running of the club.

The tabloids and supporters of other clubs will quickly jump on the wagon entitled Doom and Gloom and do there best to instil uncertainty and dread in our hearts.

But for me, supporting Arsenal for 30 years I have seen the genius of Dein on a regular basis. He is a self-made millionaire and the ONLY reason Arsenal is who they are today. We owe him more than any other and we know that his heart and soul has and always will be with Arsenal. So if anything we can accept that what is about to come is the best thing possible for our club.

I know many of my Arsenal friends are against a take over. We don’t want to go the route of the other big clubs. If that’s the case then why don’t we have a squad full of English players? Arsenal is a world wide brand and an attractive investment.

Currently we are looking at reaching all financial goals in 15 years. If, no, when the takeover happens we will be there in 5.

This is not the situation of Chelsea where we are being taken over by a criminal. Not Man-U where massive loans need to be taken out to buy the shares. Not Liverpool where two owners need to join forces.

This is one reputable man who runs all three of his American franchises for the supporters and through his savvy nature has made billions! His clubs are successful because he gives the fans teams that they want to see play.

Dein is the driving force behind this take over. Hill Wood released his statement 30 minutes after a meeting with Dein and then the very same evening they part ways. Expect Dein to sell his shares within the next two weeks, possibly earlier. If that happens the Arsenal takeover could be in place before the start of the new season with Dein reappointed.

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