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Arsenal are unworthy pretenders to the throne



Arsenal play the most beautiful football in Europe.

Arsenal play a beautiful game.

Arsenal play the best football in the world.

Where have we heard this bullshit passed around as the ‘absolute truth’? Arsenal fans can be excused – they have invested emotionally in the club and deserve their own version of the truth.

But when did it become acceptable for everyone else to buy in to lies not of their own making?

Arsenal are a very talented team with a set of very good players. Arsene Wenger is a fantastic manager and coach. I admire him for what he has achieved and respect his determination to stick to his guns and methods even when they might not work for a while.

However, this is not about what Arsenal do – it’s about what people seem to think that Arsenal do.

Arsenal don’t play attractive football, not by a long shot. At best you can classify it as occasionally entertaining and rarely effective. Is it just me or do you also get bored with watching a team with no end-product? Are you as enamoured with their shambolic game-finishing skills as you are with their ability to pass the opposition into depression?

Arsenal are over-rated and unworthy pretenders to the throne. They aren’t kings of beautiful football, and they won’t be anywhere near until Arsenal has that one VITAL component that is crucial to every team with a legitimate claim to playing the most attractive football in the world – BALANCE.

Arsenal are unbalanced, and have been so for a few years now. Till they regain that balance, until they regain their effectiveness (and I believe they can do it, and when they do, they will rival Chelsea and Manchester United in a way that will strike genuine fear into the legions of glory-hunting fans around the world – yea, I know), they are mere pretenders, and unworthy ones at that.