Arjen Robben dives for Chelsea’s cause

Is Mourinho going to say that Manchester United have all the luck this season because Robben got a yellow card for his poorly-executed dive for Chelsea?

I know how such occasions can turn into unnecessary club-bashing or player-bashing sessions, so all I’m going to raise here are two points:

1. Chelsea as a club need to be more responsible for stamping out diving – just like all the clubs need to do as well.

2. Post-match reviews to catch diving and cheating are a good thing – not all cases are as clearcut as we had in the Chelsea v Porto game. However it can turn into a witch-hunt because there is plenty of doubt and the question of intent always comes into mind.

If contact can be established (or if there is sufficient doubt that there was no contact), and if intent to dive (win a foul) can be established as well, then we have a case where post-match reviews can get players booked for diving.

Here’s the Robben dive:

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