Arizona Native Warns Super Bowl Ticket Holders Over Robbery Risk: ‘Don’t Be A Dummy’ 

Super Bowl ticket
Super Bowl ticket

Twitter is flooded with thinly veiled threats and so-called ‘keyboard warriors,’ but one Arizona native has fired a warning shot to all those Super Bowl ticket holders descending on Glendale this weekend.

Arizona hosts its first Super Bowl since 2015 on Sunday, and 72,000 spectators will flood to the Cardinals’ State Farm Stadium to watch the Eagles and Chiefs battle it out for football supremacy.

While the respective franchises have been allocated just over 17,000 tickets each, many more fanatics will be throwing tailgate parties and cramming the local bars in Glendale, where the stadium is situated, but also primarily in the state capital Phoenix which lies just east of the host city.

Those lucky enough to be able to afford the extortionate ticket prices have been sent a stern warning from one Arizona native, who has implored those from ‘outta town’ to not ‘be a dummy’.

Despite this proud Arizonian wanting to keep the peace (or not as the case may be) in his native state this weekend, travelling fans will not have too much to worry about as it turns out.

Arizona ranks in the top 20 safest states in the US with a ‘safety score’ of 52.92 – comparatively, Vermont, one of the more sparsely populated states, ranks first with just 16 more points.

In Glendale, a city with a population of just under a quarter of a million, the chances of you being the victim of a violent crime is just one in 962, with just 200 violent crimes reported on average per year.

However, those looking to spend the weekend in Phoenix may want to take ‘juggpeewee’ and his threats a bit more seriously – the city has a violent crime rate of 8.48 per 1,000 residents, and is safer than just 4% of the 20,000 cities across the nation.


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