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Are Real Madrid Contradicting Blatter?



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While the Ronaldo saga has rumbled on throughout the summer, I have to admit I’ve been one of the few who’ve let it go over my head. Obviously it’s a topic that’s been pretty much in your face for the most part, mainly because not only is this the way Real Madrid choose to conduct themselves, but also because this sort of behaviour has actually been endorsed by the seriously warped Sepp Blatter.

However, with their latest public statement unashamedly contradicting Blatter’s theory on football ‘slavery,’ I feel obliged to either openly question their disgraceful behaviour or headbutt the nearest wall. We all know how they’ve behaved in their shameless pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo on an almost daily basis, and whilst I haven’t had much to say on the subject — mainly because I’ve never really believed he’d leave Manchester United this summer — I’ve viewed each statement from the Spanish club with serious distaste.

Firstly, we heard from Real’s Sporting Director, how, despite the fact Ronaldo has a contract without a buy-out clause, there was still a need for Real to harass pursue him. Then, we got the sheer arrogance with statements like “I think that sooner or later, Kaka, like Cristiano Ronaldo, will end up playing at Real Madrid because this is the most important club in the world and any player wants to come here.”

Obviously, the reason Real are falling over themselves — and not giving a damn who they trample in the process — is down to the form of the player they’re after. Ronaldo was seriously good last season, scoring what amounted to a pretty unreal amount of goals whilst playing the best football of his career to date. In doing so, he came away with both Premier League and Champions League winner’s medals. He’s got a good contract at a club that will guarantee him success for the next 4 years at least (if he sees it out). He’s also been given unbelievable support, verging on adulation, that not only enabled him to swiftly put the whole ‘World Cup wink’ behind him but also allowed him to brush the chip off his shoulder and grow into the player he is today. And still, Real believe they can offer him something better? Unbelievable.

But the Spanish club’s disgraceful practice doesn’t end there, because, whilst bigging themselves up as the best thing that’s ever happened to football and assuming there isn’t a player in the game who’d spurn their advances, what Real have actually done is show the world just how low they really are.

You see, while they’ve been busy directing their entire focus on one player this summer, they seem to have forgotten about the players they have already — and one in particular whose future at the club appears to remain in limbo. And it’s this treatment of Robinho that brings me back to the sheer hypocrisy of their behaviour in the face of recent comments from the FIFA president and Real Madrid affiliate, Sepp Blatter.

In a shocking display of total disrespect, Real Madrid have openly admitted that should Cristiano Ronaldo be naive enough to sign for them, then Robinho will be considered surplus to requirements and sold to the highest bidder. However, should Ronaldo have more sense stay at United, then, and only then, will they offer the Brazilian an improved deal to keep him at the club. Did someone mention the word ‘slavery’?

Even worse than that though, is their apparent refusal to allow Robinho, who must feel about as welcome as your missus on your stag night, to leave in the meantime. Hang on a minute though, what was it Blatter was saying in his defence of Real Madrid’s recent conduct?

“If the player wants to play somewhere else, then a solution should be found because if he stays in a club where he does not feel comfortable to play then it’s not good for the player and for the club,” he said. “The important thing is, we should also protect the player. I’m always in favour of protecting the player, and if the player he wants to leave, let him leave.

And yet, despite Chelsea making clear how much they’d welcome Robinho at Stamford Bridge, Mijatovic is reported to have said the player will not be allowed to leave. Well, until it suits Real anyway.

Now, my point is, not only does Real’s stance in not allowing Robinho to leave — despite having completely undervalued him — totally contradict Blatter’s statements when it comes to players Real Madrid want to prise away from other clubs, but their sheer front in admitting they’d happily sell him for the highest available price if they got Ronaldo, begs the question: Isn’t that what they used to do with the hired help years ago, Mr. Blatter?