Are Chelsea petty or just inept?

There’s a storm brewing over the Chelsea-Ballack-Germany saga, what with the exclusion from the Champions League group stages squad for Chelsea and then the delay by Chelsea in giving Ballack permission to go for a photo-shoot with the rest of the German national team for sponsors Adidas.

We also have Jose Mourinho saying that Shevchenko and Ballack have to try extra-hard at Chelsea if they want to be treated according to their status because at Chelsea they have several other superstars to contend with (JT, Lamps, Drogs) who work their asses off and give 200% on the pitch.

Everyone’s jumping on Chelsea’s case calling them vindictive and the newsbites keep pouring in, what with Ballack’s ‘disappointment’ at missing out on the squad (although he’s not sure when he’ll be fully match fit, and I can bet it won’t be before late November) and Bierhoff (German National Team’s general manager) criticising Chelsea for insulting their sponsors and Germany.

Everyone has assumed that Chelsea are guilty of being petty and are ‘teaching Ballack a lesson’ for undergoing surgery last season with Chelsea’s permission. No one has stopped to consider that a) the non-inclusion of Ballack in the Chelsea Champions League group stages squad is a pragmatic move considering the length of Ballack’s layoff and b) the delay in granting Ballack permission could have been ineptitude on the part of the London club.

Are Chelsea being petty or just being inept? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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