Anelka’s talents deserve better than Bolton

For all his faults and problems, Nicolas Anelka’s talent deserves a bigger stage and a better club than Bolton Wanderers.

Bolton are in the Uefa Cup this season and that may placate the fans but for Anelka time is running out on his career and if he wants to play in Europe, he needs to make the tough call and move.

Problem is, I don’t know if any non-Premiership club would be willing to carry his wages, nor do I think any of the top 4 in the Premiership would move for him at this point (Arsenal and United could have early on but this late? Those clubs have already made their major buys).

So unless Sevilla or Valencia pick him up, or unless Roma or Milan fancy him, Anelka might have to contend with Uefa Cup football. I don’t think the situation is desperate enough that he’d move to France or Germany to get a shot at the Champions League / league titles, but for me, Anelka needs to get out of Bolton.

And for all the Bolton fans who are going to trash this article, all I’m saying is that Anelka doesn’t have the time to wait for Bolton to be a big club.

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