An open letter to Sir Alex Ferguson

Dear Sir Alex Ferguson…

(I’m hoping that you run a Google search on you name and come across this letter).

Thank you for this wonderful 2006/2007 season of football that you made possible for so many of us. Many people wrote Manchester United off in the beginning of this season. Yet, You Believed! Your belief made the team achieve the most impossible and un-thinkable. You brought back pride to Old Trafford once again. I now once again enter bars proudly with my Manchester United AIG replica shirt (not that I were ever really ashamed, I now just walk a bit more proud). Thank you!

Manchester United had their highs and lows this season…

With our “highs”, it showed just what a great manager and tactician you are. Manchester United’s good start to the season (Fulham, what a game!), our thrashing of Italian opposition, beating of Liverpool (TWICE!!), our glorious comebacks and most importantly, our Champions trophy are just a few of these highlights. These are admittedly mostly thanks to you.

In fairness, we should therefore assign the “lows” to you as well…our continuous crumbling against “great” opposition, our lackluster performances during games that really mattered (Milan and Chelsea). I understand that the EPL was the main priority this season. But, by getting so far in the other cup competitions, I have to admit that it is very disappointing to see the manner by which we got beaten.

Perhaps we could have gone out with our heads held high and playing more attack-minded during these games…(I cannot remember the last time cup final that Manchester United played not to win, but to draw…it hurts). After beating Roma in fantastic fashion, with the entire world now looking at us, we went and played defensively against Milan. Now this is real humiliation.

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