An announcement for Soccerlens readers

On Thursday I made a few jokes about certain football clubs. It was for laughs but football fans are usually a very defensive lot, so Soccerlens has had to cop a lot of backlash over the weekend (and believe me, it is taking an inhuman amount of self control to avoid taking a dig at the clubs or their fans right now).

I want to take this opportunity to make two things clear:

First, I personally only talk about the clubs I actually like and respect. The ‘respect’ list includes Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Newcastle (the five clubs I took a dig at). So even when I poking fun at you, understand that I still like you (not that it fkn matters, but what the hell…).

Second, I think that football fans are too uptight about their own clubs. I mean, there are running jokes about all clubs, and it is easy to resort to them when you are discussing your opinions on a particular football issue. To take offense at what is written on a website that is clearly ‘opinion’ based (read our ‘About’ page for a better idea of what Soccerlens is) is to take this whole ‘defend our honour’ routine to a pointless, useless level.

You may not agree with my brand of humour, but if we’re not able to laugh at ourselves, where’s our perspective and balance (ok, so being a football fan is not about perspective and balance, but still…)?

To make my point clear, I’m inviting every single reader to take this opportunity to bash Manchester United.

To anyone who wishes a claim to fame and the opportunity to have his/her negative views about Manchester United heard, send me an email with your ‘rant’ attached (you can contact me here).

There are two requirements – you must remain civil in your piece, and it has to be relevent to Manchester United.

You can riff on the club, their past, the players, the manager, the supporters…anything, but it HAS to remain free of swearing. I will pick out the best submissions and publish them on Soccerlens.

In short, bring it on 🙂

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