Alisher Usmanov Interview Transcript

A quick note to let all you Arsenal fans know that the Guardian interviewed Alisher Usmanov and have now printed the email interview transcript in full here.

It’s a terrible interview, not because of Usmanov’s answers but because of the Guardian’s obsession with finding out about whether the Arsenal shareholder was guilty and especially if there were rape charges brought against him. The need to go after a juicy story is understandable but the Guardian lost a golden opportunity to tell their readers (and especially Arsenal fans) what Usmanov had in store for Arsenal.

As things stand, all we have are accusations from one side and denials from the other, and the truth, as usual, is unclear. Like it or not, the world is not as black and white as the Guardian would like to paint, and the greater need is to find out whether Usmanov is a good prospect for Arsenal or not (whether as owner or just as shareholder). Peter Hill-Wood doesn’t know (the way he didn’t know squat about Stan Kroenke), and if all people are going to know about Usmanov is anti-takeover venom from Arsenal blogs then it’s a great story, but it’s not the truth.

So…the big question is – where are the facts? Feel free to link to sources in the comments below.

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