Alex can replace Gallas, Alves can make Chelsea great

What is Dani Alves really worth? That’s like asking someone to put a price on Michael Essien or Steven Gerrard – in the current transfer climate you can’t put anything less than 30m on these type of players.

Chelsea have signed Alex from PSV Eindhoven and while it’s not clear if he’ll be up for a weekend start it’s a welcome signing seeing that Mr Terry and Mr Bridge are injured before the season even started. For most Premiership viewers the only real chance they’ve had of seeing Alex was that game against Arsenal in the Champions League last season.

He’s strong, sure-footed and not afraid to go forward – and embodies the same super-human qualities that are a hallmark of Mourinho’s best players (Terry, Lamps, Drogs, Essien). Looking forward to seeing Alex play in the Premiership, for sure.

In other news, while Mourinho tells us that he wants Dani Alves to ‘complete’ his squad (not a direct quote), Sevilla have announced that they’ve rejected two £20m+ bids for the Brazilian, with the last bid being 35m Euros.

How much is Dani Alves worth? 40m Euros, considering that a) Cheslea are buying, b) his stock will only rise in the future and c) Sevilla are in a strong position, offering Alves a shot at the La Liga title and the Champions League.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea are willing to pay that much, but they don’t have much time to dilly-dally as Sevilla’s Champions League qualifier is on the 15th of August, and if Alves plays then he’s not as ‘useful’ to Chelsea anymore (if Sevilla are genuinely willing to sell they won’t play him, but I get a feeling that he will play UNLESS Chelsea come in with an offer of 40m+ – it’s crazy but that’s the transfer market for you).

Still, with Mourinho saying that this squad isn’t the best he’s started a season with, I can only assume that he’s missing Gallas and a quality right-back. Maybe Alex and Alves can fill those gaps and perhaps satisfy Mourinho as well?

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