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Adebayor has an exceptionally bad agent



Adebayor’s agent has been hawking his client off to other clubs ever since Adebayor started scoring goals on a regular basis for Arsenal (the first claims I remember are from spring 2007).

There were noises in summer 2007 but nothing came out of it because none of the big clubs were interested, but by summer 2008 Milan and Barcelona took the bait and the result was a fiasco of comic proportions as Adebayor lied and gamed his way through every press conference doing his best to put pressure on Arsenal to sell him.

I don’t think Adebayor is a bad person – sure, he can do some stupid things – but his entourage has been nothing but trouble for him, feeding off his desire to be ‘great’ and consistently getting him into trouble with the Togolese Football Federation and Arsenal.

Most recently he refused to travel with the team unless the TFF president got on board the same plane. This isn’t your average conspiracy, this is a case of one person being manipulated by the people around him to the extent that he not only considers himself bigger than the national team but he also openly accuses the national footballing authority of planning to murder him and his teammates.

If there’s one thing Wenger can do for Adebayor this season, it’s to get rid of his hangers-on and get the boy some counseling.