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Ade thinks Arsenal fans are idiots

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Let’s get the praise out of the way – Adebayor is Arsenal’s best chance for scoring goals this season and has been since the start of last season and maybe even since the season before that. With RVP’s problems last year, without Ade Arsenal would have struggle to get to where they were in the league.

Off the field, Adebayor is a moron. He flip-flops on every issue, talking about staying at Arsenal unconditionally one minute and talking about contract problems the next. Now, after signing a new contract, keeping his head down for a few months and working on winning back the Arsenal fans’ trust, he’s gone and blown it again.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Money is killing the spirit of the game. I don’t want to mention a name here, but good players are made to be in a great team.

And most of the players are not in a bad team, but they are not in their right place or position. Money is killing football because some people are making the decision because of money.

If I had made my decision because of money, I would not be at Arsenal. I would have been in Milan or Barcelona. You know how I could be earning a lot more money than I am earning here.

I made my decision because I love playing for Arsenal and don’t regret anything.”

Not only is he lying, he’s also expecting that everyone listening / reading would conveniently forget his exact words and actions during the summer. Adebayor could not move because Arsenal asked for a lot of money, which directly impacted the clubs’ ability to pay for him AND pay him the salary he was asking for. It WAS about the money, except that he had no decision to make, the decision was effectively made for him by Arsene Wenger.

He’s not done yet…

“I think I’ve won the fans back and they can’t ask me to do any more. I’m fighting for the team, I love playing for Arsenal and at the moment we’re in good shape.

I’ve done quite well in my career so far, but I’m still empty-handed. I now want to fill my hands with trophies, which is the reason I stayed at Arsenal. I want to repay them.

It didn’t hurt me when the fans booed as I knew what had been happening and that I’m an innocent guy. If they booed me and I didn’t know why, I’d be upset.

But I knew people had been saying I was leaving and wanted to leave, so I understood. But it never came from me and there’s no-one that can say today ‘Adebayor told me he wanted to leave’.

I decided to stay at Arsenal, told the boss I wanted to sign a new contract and eventually we did.”

I’ll leave the obvious contradictions that pop up in every sentence and just focus on this bit – I now want to fill my hands with trophies, which is the reason I stayed at Arsenal. With due respect to what Wenger is doing at Arsenal, I would rate Barcelona’s chances of succeeding in Europe above Arsenal’s, and Chelsea’s chances of succeeding in the Premier League above Arsenal’s. And that’s before we get to the fact that Wenger forced Adebayor to stay and to sign a contract on Arsenal’s terms, not the other way around.

You’re not fooling anyone Ade. You wanted to leave, you wanted more money, but Wenger didn’t let you go and although you got a new contract, you didn’t get as much money as you wanted.

And if you’re looking to win over the fans, hypocrisy isn’t going to help.

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