A short World Cup Preview

They say it is the calm before the storm that holds the most clues. Looking around the news sites and the blogosphere in general, I’ve noticed everyone hunkering down, toning down their blow horns a day before the World Cup. The real party is happening in the streets of Germany, but apart from that everybody else seems to waiting for the real party to begin tomorrow evening.

Who will win? My World Cup Predictions post still sounds outlandish, but then again it’s a lot easier to make predictions after the group stages than it is to make them before the World Cup.

If you are still stumped though, BBC Football has put out a World Cup form guide to help you figure out which time is firing and which is not.

And to top that, BBC Football also has a web-based spreadsheet that you can use to ‘predict’ the results of the World Cup – no more doing math in your head while trying to type and make sense out of the 2006 World Cup match schedule (something I did for my predictions post).

World Cup Predictor

An excellent way to waste even more time in pursuit of trying to make totally false predictions. Have fun 🙂

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