8 reasons why Newcastle + Joe Kinnear = bad news

1. For a manager who has had to walk out of managerial jobs before now with ill health stemming from heart problems, Newcastle United is not the place to be at the minute. Even the youngest whippersnapper of a coach would be feeling the strain on their health after a few weeks at St James’ Park.

2. Kinnear had his main managerial success at Wimbledon when he fashioned a team of limited footballing prowess into the Crazy Gang. The last thing Newcastle need at the minute is more craziness. Unless Kinnear has changed his methods and is ready to launch the Stable Gang it sounds like a potential disaster.

3. As Ahmed pointed out yesterday, Kinnear has been out of work for four years. And even then he was only working in the lower divisions. The Premier League has moved on a long way since Kinnear was replaced by a Norwegian in wellies at Wimbledon in 1999.

4. The similarities to Kevin Keegan end with the hair. Both men might be hanging onto the tail end of a 1970s mullet, but in terms of stature among Newcastle fans and players there is no comparison.

5. Kinnear is undoubtedly Dennis Wise’s man. The pair both have Wimbledon heritage and it is certainly Wise who would have thought of the ex-Dons boss. A cynic might suggest that Kinnear is a front man for Wise to effectively take over management duties behind the scenes….

6. The players do not even know who Kinnear is, never mind respect him. The Sun quotes one anonymous player as saying: “The announcement came as a complete shock. Many of us have never even heard of him — the team needed someone bigger than it has been offered. Some of us have had enough and are seriously considering leaving. There is no player in this dressing room happy to be here.”

7. Kinnear is not even first choice to be the Magpies’ caretaker manager. Depending on which paper you read/believe, more than ten people may have turned the post down.

8. Even Kinnear is not planning for the long-term. He says he will be in charge for six to eight games maximum, which makes you wonder what he can achieve in that time that Chris Hughton couldn’t.

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