5 reasons why Thaksin is bad for Manchester City

From the outset I’ll say two things – one, that this is a friday rant and as such it’s meant to poke fun at someone and two, relax guys, it’s not as if I’m mortally wounding you guys. Take a reality check, step back, try to enjoy it and if you can’t, well, piss off or something.

Ok, with that out of the way, where were we? Yes, the 5 reasons why Thaksin (and his takeover) are (very) bad for Manchester City FC and especially Manchester City fans.

  1. Thaksin is a closet Manchester United fan (scroll down to the bottom of this page and see the photo on the right) – from 2001! Apparently when he found out United were too expensive, he went after Liverpool and when they turned him down because of the risks of being associated with a potentially corrupt politician (just like Liverpool turned down Arab involvement), he’s finally come down to City.

    3rd choice. How does that feel?

  2. Thaksin rates Eriksson very highly:

    He’s got a very good reputation, he’s a very capable coach.

    Ummm…ok. A manager with no Premiership experience and one who hasn’t managed a club for 6 years. And that’s without discussing Eriksson’s capabilities.

  3. Thaksin knows little about football or the Premier League (apart from the money involved in it (see point #1)):

    “I am very new to the Premier League.”


    Not exactly inspirational, is he?

  4. Thaksin’s political history is that of a man who promised a lot and delivered little. Thaksin’s promised that Manchester City FC will be a very changed place in three years, which is a political promise, not a business promise. If you’re running a football club by the numbers you have to win games and that’s not something that can’t be determined within the confines of a business plan.

    So if Thaksin’s promises are political, we’re likely to short-term positive results and then…well, you know the rest.

  5. Sven Goran Eriksson is his first choice, AND he has 3 backups lined up. Do you guys remember who Eriksson’s backup was in his England times? Would you take a manager of his calibre at Manchester City if your club has been bought and handed a 50m transfer kitty?

From those 5 reasons, the only plus point of Thaksin taking Manchester City over is the fact that he has money.

Oh well, who said football wasn’t about money anyway? Not Manchester City fans surely, especially not after their city rivals got bought out, right?

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