5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hate Juventus

In my eyes, Juventus is the greatest team to have ever graced the pitch. Obviously, this is questionable. But I am on a mission to clear the cheating, horrible and dishonest view people have of the better club from Turin. Now get ready for five hopefully convincing reasons to not hate Juventus….

1. The management has changed since Calciopoli.
Many people have the misconception that Juventus is still managed by the bottom-feeders of Italian football and society like Luciano Moggi and Antonio Giraudo. After the scandal, the management of Juventus was completely overhauled, and almost three quarters of the playing squad was sold to get back the enormous amount of money that had been lost. With a new management, comes a new team.

2. Alessandro Del Piero is still a good player, and it’s not true that half our squad is old.
Alessandro Del Piero is one of the best strikers in the Serie A right now, and I completely don’t understand why he comes under so much fire. Also, Pavel Nedved, Hasan Salihamidzic and the other so-called ‘oldies’ in the squad are still amazing players and contribute greatly to the team’s fortunes.

3. We absolutely DO NOT cheat anymore!
Get it out of your heads, foolish population of the earth! The times of cheating and bribing are long gone ones for the bianconeri, and people should understand that. One thing which angers me is that everyone heard about the Juventus scandal, but noone seemed to care about the 2005 Bundesliga scandal and Man U’s dubious 7-1 victory over Roma.

4. Claudio Ranieri is a good manager.
I agree he wasn’t exactly the most popular person on the planet while at Chelsea, and I don’t know about Valencia, but in his short stint at Parma he brought the club from relegation troubles to competiton for European places, and he revitalised Giuseppe Rossi. At Juventus he has defied the critics by achieving almost certain UCL qualification, when he was expected to get the UEFA Cup with a limited squad following the failure buys of Sergio Almiron and Tiago Mendes.

5. It’s not true that we were bad in the Serie B, we totally destroyed everyone.
People often think that Juventus were bad in the Serie B. This is just a myth created by Juve-haters and bitter Torino fans. Juventus were in control of the Serie B for almost the whole season, even with a 9-point deficit and a reduced squad. Take that, Torino.

Now I’m going to sit back and enjoy life while reading the onslaught of criticism that will undoubtedly follow up in the comments section.

Thanks for reading why you shouldn’t hate the best team ever, and I hope that you won’t anymore. Because, guys, one day we will win the Champions League, Serie A, and Coppa Italia every season. Trust me. Just wait….

P.S. Ok maybe that’s too much, but expect great things.

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