Champions League 07/08 Group G Preview: Inter Milan, PSV Eindhoven, CSKA Moscow, Fenerbahce

Group G sees Serie A’s run-away champions Inter Milan take on PSV Eindhoven, CSKA Moscow and Fenerbahce. It’s not an ‘easy’ group but one that a top team like Inter Milan should safely negotiate, except that they showed an annoying tendency last season to slip up at the most inopportune of times.

CSKA’s experience from last season will serve them well this time around, and they can give PSV a run for their money for the 2nd spot.

Let’s look at the fixtures list before going team by team and analysing past matchups between these four teams.


Inter Milan (Italy)
PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)
CSKA Moscow (Russia)
Fenerbahce (Turkey)


Matchday One – Wednesday – 19 Sep 2007

PSV Eindhoven vs CSKA Moscow
Fenerbahce vs Inter Milan

Matchday Two – Tuesday – 2 Oct 2007

Inter Milan vs PSV Eindhoven
CSKA Moscow vs Fenerbahce

Matchday Three – Tuesday – 23 Oct 2007

CSKA Moscow vs Inter Milan
PSV Eindhoven vs Fenerbahce

Matchday Four – Wednesday – 7 Nov 2007

Inter Milan vs CSKA Moscow
Fenerbahce vs PSV Eindhoven

Matchday Five – Tuesday – 27 Nov 2007

CSKA Moscow vs PSV Eindhoven
Inter Milan vs Fenerbahce

Matchday Six – Wednesday – 12 Dec 2007

PSV Eindhoven vs Inter Milan
Fenerbahce vs CSKA Moscow

Team by Team

Inter Milan

Inter may have stormed home in the Serie A last season but their European exploits were less than satisfactory, and Robert Mancini will be looking to turn things up a notch and keep his team focused on doing well on both the domestic and European fronts.

Inter haven’t played any of the sides in this group before but they’ll be wary of the challenge all three sides can cause, especially at home. Having said that, PSV, CSKA and Fenerbahce lack the quality to trouble Inter too much and they are quite likely to stroll through this group.

PSV Eindhoven

Ronaldo Koeman is a good coach and PSV have had a good time in the Champions League lately, reaching the semi-finals in 04/05 and the quarter-finals last season.

The PSV side are techinically sound and well-disciplined, but lack the aggression and quality to beat the top sides and while you’d expect them to coast to 2nd place, they could stumble against CSKA or Fenerbahce if the game turns physical.

CSKA Moscow

CSKA Moscow are a better team than people give them credit for – UEFA Cup winners in 2004/2005, CSKA lost their way a bit in the last two seasons but have an excellent mix of grafters and talented players.

Considering that PSV are never going to be a high-scoring side, CSKA could steal a march on them and qualify for the 2nd round.


Fenerbahce aren’t going to trouble anyone in this group, despite the presence of Mateja Kezman and Roberto Carlos in their ranks.

They have a shot at #3, but I doubt that CSKA or PSV would slip that badly.

Previous Matchups

Inter Milan vs PSV Eindhoven

No previous encounters.

Inter Milan vs CSKA Moscow

No previous encounters.

Inter Milan vs Fenerbahce

No previous encounters.

PSV Eindhoven vs CSKA Moscow

No previous encounters.

PSV Eindhoven vs Fenerbahce

Champions Cup 1978/1979 – PSV lost 1-2 away before thrashing Fenerbahche 6-1 at home.
Champions League 2005/2006 – PSV lost 0-3 away to Fenerbahce but redeemed themselves a bit by beating the Turks 2-0 at home.

CSKA Moscow vs Fenerbahce

No previous encounters.


1. Inter Milan
2. CSKA Moscow
3. PSV Eindhoven
4. Fenerbahce

Comments and predictions are welcome.

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