Newcastle reject Distin and Silvestre

Oh, this is absolutely priceless.

To have Glenn Roeder come out and categorically reject transfer rumors that were linking Newcastle to Manchester City’s Sylvain Distin and Manchester United’s Mikael Silvestre – well – just about made my day and took my mind off the funk that England had put me in.

To quote:

“Not one player I was linked with over the weekend was correct and I am not interested in Mikael Silvestre or Sylvain Distin.”

Newcastle Transfers

What does this mean for Newcastle? For starters, it doesn’t mean that Newcastle wouldn’t be better off with Distin or Silvestre (I think they would), but that Newcastle and Roeder have different goals than just plugging defensive holes in the short run.

Who will Newcastle buy then? Read Ed Harrison’s excellent season review for Newcastle, and while you’re at it, read all his articles to get an idea of where Newcastle stand and who they are expected to sign this summer.

Distin and Silvestre

Distin is out of contart at Manchester City in the summer and despite Stuart Pearce’s best efforts to convince him to stay, Distin seems set on an exit from Manchester City. Perhaps he’s waiting for a takeover, or waiting to see where City are next season?

Silvestre is a regular ‘backup’ option for Manchester United due to his pace, experience and versatility, depite falling out of favour with Manchester United fans a long time ago. He has a contract with Manchester United till 2009, and while he’s out for the rest of the season, he’s not going anywhere yet.

To be honest, I don’t think either Silvestre or Distin will stick around in the Premiership. Silvestre may end up moving to Juventus, and Distin will probably head to Serie A or Ligue 1 as well.

[Source: Sky Sports]