Moyes looks to German talents for squad recruits

David Moyes

When Manchester United manager David Moyes jetted off to Germany to watch Borussia Moenchengladbach and Bayern Munich, it was assumed that that was there merely to cast an eye over reported targets Patrick Herrmann and Mario Mandzukic. Since the game however, thoughts as to who he was running his eye over have changed somewhat.

The Scot was escorted into the stadium by the agent of  Bayern’s Toni Kroos, who also sat alongside Moyes throughout the game. Clearly news on the conversation that took place between the two is not available, but it may not be pushing the envelope too much to consider that it may have included the prospects of the Bayern midfielder. With Mata apparently in the bag, some may think that the midfield problem at Old Trafford is well on the way to being solved, but with Michael Carrick injured and now the wrong side of thirty, obtaining a long term replacement is a priority. Kroos could be ideal, but is he obtainable?

It’s been reported that the player feels undervalued at Bayern and would certainly welcomer the interest from Manchester United as a lever to point up his worth to Guardiola’s team. It may even be that a bid of £25million or so could get the deal done. It’s certainly pretty safe to assume that if Moyes had gone specifically to look at Kroos, he wouldn’t have done so if he didn’t believe there was a realistic chance of getting his man.

It looks very much like Moyes has targeted the Bundesliga as his emporium of choice as he looks to bolster his squad. Securing the Mata deal is the sort of statement that United needed to make to show their determination to both back their man and solve the squad’s issues. Signing Kroos or one of the other top Bundesliga targets would certainly underscore that.

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