Mourinho creates Hazard’s ‘garden of Eden’ at Chelsea

Eden Hazard

When Jose Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge in the summer, he inherited a team with some outstanding talents, but the difference between a good coach and and an exceptional one is the ability to turn outstanding players into truly exceptional ones. With Eden Hazard, the Portuguese coach may just have achieved that feat.

Already a star performer in the Premier League, the Belgian wide player has now accelerated his development to be amongst the elite that includes Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero. With Chelsea now also benefiting from the Mourinho input, all seems in place for Hazard to strut his stuff with all of the required support from his team mates.

There’s a comparison to be drawn between Hazard and the arguably equally talented Juan Mata. Whislt the little Spaniard, adored by blues’ fans could never convince Mourinho of his real worth, Hazard has displayed not only an ability to drive his team forward, but also an admirable work rate and enthusiasm to get back and work in the ‘muck and nettles’ of defensive duty. It was package that Mata could never deliver and which led to his departure from the club.

Where Mata struggled however, Hazard’s all round game has only served to enhance his forward skills, and to date this season he has netted as many goals as he did in the entire time of the previous one. For a player just turned 23, it’s possible that Chelsea could have a real gem on their hands. The downside of this however is that other clubs will doubtless covet Hazard’s signature, and a few weeks ago PSG were seriously linked with a move for the Belgian has reports emanating from France suggested that the player had disclosed to team mates that he was bound for the French capital in the summer.  the rumours were quickly dispelled, but the fear reamains that there will inevitably be cubs chasing Hazard.

From a Chelsea perspective, the best way to keep these potential suitors from the door is to create a scenario where there is no desire to move from Stamford Bridge. players have ambitions to win things, and if Chelsea can show Hazard that all of his aspirations can be achieved in west London, he may decide that Stamford Bridge ids the ideal place for the ‘garden of Eden.’


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