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Article Settings

Step 1: Article Title: Home Team v Away Team – Preview Title. Example: “Aston Villa v Manchester United – title on the line”. Idea is to create the title to attract visitors from news syndication sites and to attract regular readers from SL itself.

Step 2: Article Categories: Both teams, league(s), match reports. If worthy of being featured, tag it in features.

Step 3: Article Image: Two team crests side-by-side (see and This way the article image can be easily reused for future previews.

Article Structure

No section titles for the first two sections, for the rest, see their descriptions.

Step 1: Match Information:

Home Team v Away Team
Competition Name (e.g. English Premier League)
Stadium Name, City Name (e.g. Old Trafford, Manchester)
Match Date (e.g. Wednesday, 10 February 2010)
Kickoff Time (e.g. 19:45 GMT) (use whatever timezone is available (GMT, CET, etc))
Referee Name (if available)

Step 2: Match Introduction: A few lines on the stakes of the game, the big story (if any), link to the competition fixtures page (see for the appropriate link). Update the Article Excerpt setting after this.

Step 3: Team 1 Preview: 200-300 words discussing the team’s preparation leading into the game, their chances and key stories. Mention injuries / suspensions where important. Title this section as ‘Team 1 Preview’. For injuries updates and suspensions, you can make sub-sections.

Step 4: Team 2 Preview: As above, but for Team 2.

Step 5: Team 1 v Team 2 Stats: This includes both head 2 head and recent form records.

Head 2 Head: For league matches, results from earlier in the season (if relevant) and the two results from last season will suffice. For club competitions, head 2 heads should be available from competition sites or Wikipedia. For the World Cup / international matches, here’s a very useful link.

You can also check the individual league stats pages through the Soccerlens Football Stats page for more info.

Step 7: Recent Form: You can get this from the competition / league pages on SL Football Stats or if not available there, from Wikipedia.

Title this section as ‘Team 1 v Team 2 Stats’.

Link to the stats page for the specific competition from this section (make the link contextual).

Step 8: Team 1 v Team 2 Prediction: Based on the head 2 head, recent form and match previews, make a prediction.

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