Manchester United’s left-back position is Ferguson’s oversight

Are we really that badly off in defense that we have Silvestre playing at left-back? Presumably the move was to give Manchester United more defensive cover as Patrice Evra can be exposed at times, but our 3rd choice left back from last season and a player who has never been a fan favourite is now the first person Ferguson looks to when we need a reliable defender?

This raises another question – Ferguson knew throughout last season that Heinze’s agents were causing a fuss and that as a result, Manchester United could lose him over the summer. Despite of that knowledge, we let two quality left-backs, Gareth Bale and Leighton Baines, pass. Both players would have added immeasurably to Manchester United’s ability to defend AND attack on the left flank, both are potentially better than Patrice Evra and if offered the chance, wouldn’t both players have gone to the league champions?

It’s sad to see Silvestre get injured (especially since he had an injury layoff over the summer) even if I’d rather have him leave than stay. Hopefully we’ll see more of Pique and Evans in the near future (we definitely will in the Carling Cup). Neither of them are accomplished enough to be regular starters for Manchester United but let’s just say I’m not fully confident of our defensive strength in the left back position.

Everyone talks about the Brazilian kids joining us in January 2008 or July 2008, but they’ll be treated much like Pique and Evans are being treated now – and that leaves us weakened in the left-back position, which is annoying as hell when you consider that there were two quality left backs on the market and we missed both of them.

When the Gareth Bale saga was being played out in the press last season I’d said that unless one of our three defenders was leaving, Manchester United had no need for the player. However, the situation with Heinze was a lot clearer to Ferguson than it was to us, and as a manager you look after the club first. Ferguson should have secured backup for that position – someone better than what we already had on the books, but apparently the boss trusts the two French left-backs more than two fullbacks who are younger and perhaps much better as well.

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