Where are Michael Carrick’s critics now?

Thought I’d update this article with this Ferguson interview where he talks about how Carrick has improved in a Man Utd shirt.

When Michael Carrick signed for Manchester United last summer, there were plenty of Manchester United fans who questioned the deal (the player as well as the money spent on him). No Roy Keane, they said. Can’t tackle, too slow on the ball, too expensive, etc.

But the man has disproved all his critics in the most emphatic fashion, establishing himself as a first-team regular and showing the sort of grit and determination that is expected of United players.

He’s managed to open his scoring account for Manchester United, won us the Aston Villa game almost single-handedly (being involved in all 3 goals) and at 25, he’s a good prospect for Manchester United for the next 5 years, at least.

And if he’s used as well as Paul Scholes has been by Sir Alex Ferguson, you can expect Carrick to play a role at Manchester United till he’s 32-33.

Was 14 mil too much to pay for such a player?

Considering the costs involved with buying players, not to mention the fact that United were buying from a Premiership club with aspirations of a place in Europe, Carrick’s deal already looks a good bit of business (for both sides).

He can tackle, he can shoot, he sets up great moves, he’s good at set pieces, he can even win matches. He falls back to defend but also charges forward to support attacks.

What more can you ask for?

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