Manchester United star convinced Pedro to join Chelsea

Chelsea signing Pedro was a long term target for Manchester United

According to ESPN, Manchester United keeper Victor Valdes helped changed Pedro’s mind about a move to Manchester United.

Valdes and Fabregas advised Pedro to join Chelsea
Valdes and Fabregas advised Pedro to join Chelsea

The Barcelona forward spoke to both Cesc Fabregas and Victor Valdes, his former teammates once Chelsea and United started speaking to Barcelona. However it appears that Valdes advised against joining Manchester United.

Van Gaal’s issues with Valdes are secret and the pair have had a major falling out because of the keeper’s reluctance to follow his methods.

Valdes and Pedro were very close during their time together at Camp Nou and it seems that he might have had a big role to play in Pedro snubbing Manchester United.

Pedro was in London yesterday after Chelsea agreed a deal with Barcelona and should be unveiled soon.

According to reports in the media, United were unwilling to increase their offer by 3 million euros, which scuppered the deal and allowed Chelsea to swoop in and complete the transfer.

Earlier this summer, Guardian reported that Pedro was concerned with how Van Gaal has treated De Gea and Valdes and it seems Van Gaal’s reputation might have lost him the battle for Pedro.

Van Gaal's treatment of players is a concern for Pedro
Van Gaal’s treatment of players is a concern for Pedro

It will be interesting to see how Manchester United react towards Victor Valdes, if the rumours are true.

What is certain is, United fans will certainly not be happy to miss out on a player like Pedro in this war of egos between Van Gaal and his players.